Re: Arabic Requirements

From: Terry Allen (
Date: Sat Jan 11 1997 - 13:49:56 EST

Jonathan Rosenne wrote:
| The current argument on the Arabic ligatures appears very strange to me,
| and culturally biased. The Unicode standard defines them as presentation
| forms, and specifies their equivalence to their preferred encoding with
| basic letters. Thus, they are clearly specified to be equivalent to a
| sequence of basic characters, and anyone who can render Arabic correctly
| should be able to render them without difficulty.
| On the other hand, Unicode and 10646 contain hundreds of pre-composed
| Latin, Cyrillic and Greek letters, equally superfluous, equally
| decomposable, and this is acceptable because this is what our Western
| colleagues are used to.

As I made no mention of precomposed letters in other alphabets, I
reject the ad hominem charge of cultural bias.

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