Re: Cultural bias

From: Maurice J Bauhahn (
Date: Tue Jan 14 1997 - 10:20:02 EST


Do not fret about the little stuff! The cost of storage and communications
are dropping precipitously so your chief concern should be avoiding
computation/ambiguity as much as possible (because those will be your
bottlenecks). My chief concern is the Cambodian script which offers all
sorts of opportunitites to compromise computation to facilitate display or
compression. However I am keeping my face like a flint looking forward to
the computer doing information searches, sorts, and analyses. Ambiguities
of character codes would really harm the speed of such I
thoroughly support avoiding all ligatures/combinations in encoding (while
in display I enthusiastically support ligatures for the beauty of the
language). If whole/partial decomposition is an option in Unicode you can
be sure that the whole range will turn up in incoming data to confuse your

Maurice Bauhahn

>Can you? What languages do you write?

>Do you understand that a six-letter word like iirmgm is very common, in
>our language, and that storing it as nine characters is an unnecessary
>burden. Let's say I have an electronic text of 60K. Suddenly it gets
>"decomposed" and becomes 90K. I don't feel served by this.

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