Re: Volunteer translators needed for Unicode Conference Web pages

From: Marion Gunn (
Date: Wed Jan 15 1997 - 12:07:17 EST

At 7:50 15.1.97, Misha Wolf wrote:
>The text to be translated is:
> Europe, Software + the Internet: Going Global with Unicode
> Register now for the Tenth International Unicode Conference, to be
> held on March 10-12, 1997, in Mainz, Germany. The Conference will
> bring together industry-wide experts on the global Internet and
> Unicode, internationalization and localization, implementation of
> Unicode in operating systems and applications, fonts, text layout,
> and multilingual computing.

Here it is in Irish Gaelic, Misha. To avoid the danger of having acute
accents mangled in transit, as sometimes happens to my signature address, I
am using the GAELIC-L list (estab. 1989) convention of placing a slash (/)
directly after the vowel to which the acute accent belongs (and YES, some
words in the text set out below DO begin with a lower-case letter or two
followed by an upper-case letter, with no space in between (to substitute
for that Irish spelling convention the English/American/French/German
convention would be absolutely WRONG). Sounds like a great conference.
Would love to attend. mg


An Eoraip, Earra Bog + an tIdirghre/asa/n: Gre/asa/nu/ Domhanda le hUnicode

Cla/raigh anois don Deichiu/ Comhdha/il Idirna/isiu/nta de chuid Unicode, a
bheidh ar siu/l 10-12 Ma/rta 1997, i Mainz na Gearma/ine. Tabharfaidh an
Chomhdha/il seo daoine le che/ile ata/ eolach ar gach gne/ den tionscal --
ar an Idirghre/asa/n domhanda, ar Unicode, ar aistriu/ agus ar cho/iriu/
a/itiu/il earra bhoig, ar fheidhmiu/ Unicode i gco/rais oibre agus i
bhfeidhmchla/ir, ar chlo/fhoirne, ar leagan amach te/acs, agus ar
ri/omhaireacht ilteangach i gcoitinne.


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