Volunteer translators needed for Unicode Conference Web pages

From: Misha Wolf (misha.wolf@reuters.com)
Date: Wed Jan 15 1997 - 07:50:26 EST

Hi Unicoders,

Netscape has offered to place plugs for the Tenth International Unicode
Conference on their international web sites. We have been asked to
provide a suitable piece of text in all major European languages. Are
there any volunteer translators out there who would like to help?

Translations we receive will be included on the Conference Web site
and will be passed on to Netscape for inclusion on their Web sites.
We'll also consider including Unicode versions of the translations on
the Conference Web site.

The text to be translated is:

   Europe, Software + the Internet: Going Global with Unicode
   Register now for the Tenth International Unicode Conference, to be
   held on March 10-12, 1997, in Mainz, Germany. The Conference will
   bring together industry-wide experts on the global Internet and
   Unicode, internationalization and localization, implementation of
   Unicode in operating systems and applications, fonts, text layout,
   and multilingual computing.

If you make a translation, please mail it to me. An ISO 8859 character
set (or Unicode) would be best, but any widely used character set will
be accepted.

Misha Wolf <misha.wolf@reuters.com>
Chair of Conference Review Board
Tenth International Unicode Conference



We'll be happy to support the Unicode conference from our internatioal web sites. Is there a brief description of maybe 50 words available in all major European languages that you would like to cover?

I assume, that you'd like to link to http://www.reuters.com/unicode/iuc10/ However, since it is in Europe, are there any localized pages available that we could link to?

Thanks, Henning

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