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Date: Thu Jan 16 1997 - 06:46:49 EST

Here's it in Finnish (maybe not a major language, but anyway).

As I can't afford to get to the conference, hopefully an as *complete*
as possible set of conference proceedings will be available afterwards
at a reasonable price. Once I bought one of the earlier conference
proceedings, and it seemed to be lacking several important and very
interesting presentations :-(

The text is in 8859-1, if you see some ä (adieresis) and ö (odieresis)
it probably got through OK :-)


Eurooppa, ohjelmisto ja internet: Unicode vie maailmalle

Rekisteröidy nyt kymmenenteen kansainväliseen Unicode -konferenssiin,
joka pidetään 10.-12. maaliskuuta 1997 Mainzissa Saksassa. Konferenssi
kokoaa yhteen internetin ja Unicoden, kansainvälistämisen ja
lokalisoinnin, Unicode-toteutusten, kirjasimien, tekstin muotoilun ja
monikielisen tiedonkäsittelyn asiantuntijat.


> Europe, Software + the Internet: Going Global with Unicode
> Register now for the Tenth International Unicode Conference, to be
> held on March 10-12, 1997, in Mainz, Germany. The Conference will
> bring together industry-wide experts on the global Internet and
> Unicode, internationalization and localization, implementation of
> Unicode in operating systems and applications, fonts, text layout,
> and multilingual computing.


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