Re: FWD: MS-Windows and Unicode Support

From: Misha Wolf (
Date: Thu Jan 16 1997 - 06:53:21 EST

There will be six Microsoft speakers at the Tenth International Unicode
Conference <>. Come along and ask


|Microsoft Office 97, which MS claims is "unicode-based", whatever that
|means, is being released tomorrow. It will likely become the world's
|most successful commercial software application, so I'm curious: will
|MS-Windows 97 also be "unicode-based"?
|I was delighted when MS based WinNT on unicode, then shocked when they
|went backwards instead of forward with the release of Win95 a couple of
|years later. I heard comments while I was at (the now-defunct) Microsoft
|University to the effect that Bill Gates was all broken up about having
|to throw unicode overboard, but that they just couldn't squeeze it into
|the 4MB machine that was supposedly the minimum requirement for running
|Since the release of Win95, memory prices have crashed, and I would
|suspect that having the same system requirements for Win97 as the
|original WinNT had years ago would not be unreasonable. This means that
|the "code-page bug" could be "fixed" once and for all.
|With Office97, FrontPage97, Visual Basic 5.0, and who knows what else
|supposedly "unicode-based", does anyone have any information on the
|unicode plans for the operating systems that underlie these apps?
|What are the unicode support plans for Win9X, WinCE, and WinNT
|(presumably there are still improvements to be made)?
|What about their internet-based technologies: Internet Explorer and MS's
|implementation of Java?
|And, at the risk of sounding like a whiner, how many more years before
|PC users get a cheap MS knockoff of the Japanese Language Kit the Mac
|had years ago? If it were just for me, I'd just use a Mac, but I have to
|deliver CJK script to the PC screens of my US and European customers.
|__Glen Perkins__

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