Re: Tibetan/Burmese/Khmer

Date: Thu Jan 16 1997 - 17:47:50 EST

>Is the implication that Unicode/ISCII-type encoding will suit Burmese?

I certainly think so. The only issue is whether vowels should be stored
in phonetic order as in Devanagari or in visual order as in Thai. As far
as the UI goes, teachers want students to type in the same order that
they learn to write, which is visual. This means that if the backing
store is phonetic, implementations need to provide an input method to
reorder from visual to phonetic.

>>Also, flexible virtual keyboards can actually hide the implementation of
>>the virama from users.
>It doesn't in the current Mac Tibetan, but the system there works really

Unfortunately, the WorldScript Tibetan doesn't take advantage of some
changes that were later introduced for the Indian Language Kit.

>Of course sorting in Tibetan is a nightmare, being dependent on the root of
>the syllable, not, strictly speaking, on the order of the characters in the
>data store.

Yes, for Tibetan, the subscript / virama issue pales in comparison to the
real sorting problem.

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