Re2: switching ISO 2022 <-> Un

From: Jenkins, John (JJENKINS@AppleLink.Apple.COM)
Date: Fri Jan 17 1997 - 18:37:00 EST

Doug Schiffer <> says:
> The very reason for this is the fact that some CJK encodings (e.g. > > CNS)
> can't be covered with Unicode, but Western languages are most easily
> implemented in Unicode.
I'm willing to bet that every character in CNS and CCCII that's not in
Unicode will be encoded in Plane 2 of the 32 bit extension of Unicode.
Not gonna happen. Both CCCII and CNS contain characters which are unifiable
and will NOT be independently included in Unicode. People who insist on round-
trip conversion will need to use user space. (Alternatively, we could define a
CJK compatibility plane -- but given the fact that there are some 135,000 spots
for user-defined characters, this seems unnecessary.)

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