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Date: Fri Jan 17 1997 - 20:07:03 EST

If anyone knows could they please reply to me directly at

I am wondering about a way to support a language that Microsoft does not have
an NLS file for. Are there tools to build your own, or has anyone done it?
Are there consulting companies that do this? I have constructed a font with
extra characters over the 256 level and have the Unicode table, but would now
like to tie this into the operating system in some way (Win95)


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The Language Kit developed by Apple let ANY application display
those language, not just one single apps.

It also include IME, and let you have display those language in
Menu/Listbox/Combox TextEdit field if you put those text into those

Definitely the definitation of "Language Packs" from Apple and Microsoft
are differents. In the Windows Language Pack, it just
NLS file (which let you convert Unicode and have some locale info)
and Fonts....

Murray Sargent wrote:
> These language packs don't include the IMEs, but they do let you view
> Chinese, Japanese, and Korean files (even mixed together in Word 97) on
> US PCs, at least in Office 97 apps. I'm not sure what you mean by
> normal apps.
> Murray
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> >> >Re "how many more
> >> >years before PC users get a cheap MS knockoff of the Japanese Language
> >> >the Mac", four such FE language packs are included on the Office 97
> >>as
> >> >well as on the NT 4.0 CD-ROM and the language packs for Win95 are
> >> >downloadable for free from
> >> >
> >
> >I don't think such package allow normal app display CJK on Win95,
> >neither do they allow button/combox/listbox/edit control deal with CJK
> >in Win95. And I believe those packages does not include INPUT METHOD, am
> >I right ?
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