Re: Tibetan/Burmese/Khmer

From: Rick McGowan (
Date: Fri Jan 17 1997 - 18:52:43 EST

Maurice J Bauhahn asks:

> I understood your complaint about Tibetan to be with how they handled
> subjoined consonants...were your disagreements deeper than that? Although
> I prefer explicitly coded subjoined consonants for Khmer...the issue is
> not cut and dried and compromise is feasible.

I should say: In the absence of requirements for compromise and pragmatism,
encodings should be as pure as the driven snow.

Pre-coded subjoined things may make sense for Khmer, but I don't know enough
about the script or the group of languages written with it to hazard an
opinion about that. In general, all of the Brahmic-derived scripts can be
successfully encoded without pre-coded subjunctions; the tastefulness and
practicality of such an encoding depends on the evolution and usage of the
particular script in its milieu.


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