Re: Unicode browsers, fonts, and Java (was re:Tibetan...)

From: Glenn Adams (
Date: Sun Jan 19 1997 - 00:17:53 EST

At 04:21 PM 1/18/97 -0800, unicode@Unicode.ORG wrote:
>Maurice J Bauhahn <>:
>> I would love to do that, but have no idea how to incorporate Khmer script
>> examples into HTML without a bunch of little giffs! Are there any working
>> browsers which take advantage of the proposed RFC2070
>> (Internationalization of the Hypertext Markup Language)?

Both Alis Technologies' Tango and AccentSoft's Accent browsers, based on
earlier, non-internationalized versions of Spyglass Mosaic, contain some
support for RFC2070. We (Spyglass) are in the process of fully internationalizing
our browser, based on full use of Unicode as the internal character set. We are
gradually adding support for RFC2070, as we incorporate the appropriate font
technology. As I'm sure you realize, it is in this area of font technology
that most problems arise with respect to complex scripts, so our progress is
rather measured. Even before these issues can be resolved, however, a number
of even more fundamental problems need to be addressed, e.g., I18N of URLs,
required CHARSET tagging of content, etc.

Glenn Adams

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