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From: Mark Leisher (
Date: Tue Jan 21 1997 - 18:21:08 EST

>> > > I wish I could calculate the theoretical limits to settle that > >
>> question. All I know is the difficulty which I have experienced > > in
>> creating a sorting algorythm for the language. There are five > >
>> levels of dependencies with up to 35 members in each dependency. > >
>> Of course the real language does not have all combinations but > > the
>> variations are enough that a simple dictionary lookup does > > not seem
>> practical.

    Norbert> I do not know anything about the theoretical limit of glyph
    Norbert> numbers in Khmer, but I know a count in Alain Daniel's dictionary
    Norbert> showed that it contains about 2400 Khmer glyphs - just to show
    Norbert> the range involved.

According to Yannis Haralambous' paper on Khmer typesetting, there can
theoretically be 535060 consonantal clusters, but Alain Daniel's dictionary
contains 2821 different consonantal clusters out of 25000 entries. He also
includes a paper listing all the consonantal clusters in "" at the
ftp site below.
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