Re: FW: MS-Windows and Unicode Support

From: Mark Leisher (
Date: Tue Jan 21 1997 - 19:16:38 EST

    Tang Yung-Fong> Is there any OS SUPPORT UNICODE VERY WELL ???? I don't
    Tang Yung-Fong> think so. ( Maybe Xerox Star station, Taligent, or
    Tang Yung-Fong> NextStep support Unicode very well, I don't know. I only
    Tang Yung-Fong> know UNIX/PC/MAC, neither one of these tree could be count
    Tang Yung-Fong> as an OS support Unicode VERY WELL. I am not asking anyone
    Tang Yung-Fong> to support Unicode better here. I just want to state the
    Tang Yung-Fong> reality.)

Hear! Hear!

Having suffered the agonies of the locale model and completely incompatible
internationalization across Unix platforms, we gave it up for lost and now
just depend on our own system.

I have gone on record with the prediction that we won't see reasonable (by
CRL's standards) globalization support for mainstream Unix systems for at
least another 5 years, if ever. I sincerely hope I am wrong about this, but
the current trends don't look very promising.

Linux is another matter altogether. I suspect something usable will be
available well before then.

I find it continually amazing that one person (me), working part-time, with
bits and pieces of stuff freely available on the Internet, in 6 months,
managed to put together something more sophisticated than most of the Unicode
support (at least on Unix boxes) I have seen to-date.

I really shouldn't rant about it. After all, I now have a career in this
field with few worries about job security :-)
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