Re: New Hebrew character FB1D

From: Jonathan Rosenne (
Date: Wed Jan 22 1997 - 05:18:07 EST

Based on the responses I received, I believe this particular combination is
relevant only in Yiddish, because in Hebrew it would have been Hiriq Yod.

We (the SII) don't want it at all, and are considering to deprecate all the
FBXX Hebrew letters rather than expand them. We had agreed to its adoption
as long as it was labelled as Yiddish, as it was proposed to WG2.

If anyone wants it for Yiddish, it's fine as long as it is labelled as

According to the naming rules of 10646 (which are referenced by Unicode) it
should be named


similar to FB1F (Hebrew is for the script, the Yiddish is the language).

The names of FB2E and FB2F should be similarly corrected.


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