Re: New Hebrew character FB1D

From: Bob Rosenschein (100274.1051@CompuServe.COM)
Date: Wed Jan 22 1997 - 12:09:35 EST

Most of the FBxx Hebrew/Yiddish characters, as Mark David points outs, are
just precomposed ligatures, e.g. FB2E (Alef with Patah) and FB2F (Alef with
Qamats) which could simply be displayed or printed by centering the
diacritical mark under the alef.

However, Jonathan Rosenne is right. The proposed Yiddish FB1D behaves slightly
different when printed. Unlike the corresponding Hebrew Yod with Hiriq, in
finer traditional Yiddish typography, the diacritical Hiriq is often printed
*above* the baseline.

The only other truely uniqueYiddish ligature is two Yods with Patah, where
the Patah is centered between the Yods (and sometimes also printed above
the baseline).

Whether these, or any, Yiddish ligatures deserve a place in Unicode is, of
course, debatable.

-- Bob Rosenschein
   Accent Software International

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