Re: IUC10 - Help for hardship cases

From: John Plaice (
Date: Thu Jan 23 1997 - 22:45:11 EST

A user's sophistication has nothing to do with the communications
infrastructure of a country, which, in the case of Georgia, is
quite limited. The proposal below is ridiculous.

> It could begin with the conference proceedings in HTML format, then
> slides and summaries of the talks could be provided, and at some point
> the presentations themselves (preferably in Shockwave format to create a
> navigable sync'ed combination of slides and audio) could be made
> available as archives.
> Carrying the conference live via RealAudio could also allow questions to
> be accepted via email during the Q&A sessions, an increasingly popular
> format that even some radio talk shows have begun to adopt. These
> questions, sometimes submitted in advance, would be perused by a
> moderator who would then pose the good ones (or questions representing
> common themes) to the speaker.
> Again, this is only a partial solution, especially because those
> countries having the hardest time sending representatives also tend to
> be those having the hardest time accessing the Internet. Even so, unlike
> conferences on literature, drug policy, or medicine, those interested in
> the details presented at Unicode conferences are nearly all
> sophisticated computer users. It seems to me that the Internet is a
> superb medium if your goal is to convey information to the most
> sophisticated computer users in as many of the world's countries as
> possible.
> __Glen Perkins__

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