Re: an apology

From: Glenn Adams (
Date: Sat Jan 25 1997 - 00:00:12 EST

At 05:46 PM 1/24/97 -0800, Rick McGowan wrote:
>Very sorry, Dears, about the "hate mail" postings that
>made the rounds on the Unicode list earlier. We should
>all be aware that such attitudes exist in the world...
>But of course it's nicer not to be reminded, and I know
>that some people felt offended and mortified to see this
>display. Please accept my apologies.
>In future, I sincerely hope that people would
>share such things in private show-and-tell sessions.
>Thank you, and take care.
>Your occasionally not so vigilant servant,
> -- Sarasvati

Unlike Rick, who posts the above, I do not apologize for forwarding
that message to the larger group. I expect many were offended. I
was also deeply offended. I think it is important that we recognize
that attitudes such as this lurk more closely to our enterprise than
we might think. It was for this purpose that I wished to share it with


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