Re: data for collation tests (Japanese)

From: Adrian Havill (
Date: Mon Feb 03 1997 - 04:02:13 EST

Masayuki TOYOSHIMA wrote:
> Here is the official list of words for benchmark of
> JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) X4061-1996 ``Japanese
> string collation'', informative annex.
> The standard is now printing, and will be available before March,
> 1997 through JSA (Japanese Standards Association)
> The standard is written in Japanese. No English version available.

Is the Japanese version of JISx4061-1996 (Japanese character collation
standard) available online? I need more than just the sample data file,
and I couldn't find it at <> or via the usual
search methods.

Thank you for the helpful data-file. The collation of hiragana and
katakana is straightforward and easy to understand, but the collation of
the mathematical symbols (e.g. infinity) and non-mathematical symbols
(e.g. the pound sign) is a little unclear (from just the data file, that

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