Re: Translated IUC10 Web pages released

From: Misha Wolf (
Date: Mon Feb 03 1997 - 15:27:52 EST


You wrote (I've slightly tweaked your URL):
>Hello, I wonder if you might offhand have the content of
>in UTF-16/UCS-2 form? If so, in an accessible ftp site?
>I just got Office '97 running, and I'd like to load the text into Word '97, but
>at the moment I don't have a UTF-8 => UTF-16/UCS-2 conversion tool (but I do
>have one from UTF-16/UCS-2 to the MicrosoFFFE Abnormal Form used by NT & Office

Charles can easily create this for you tomorrow, when he comes in, but are you
sure that Word 97 doesn't read UTF-8? I know that FrontPage 97 does.

Lori - Any comments?


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