unreachable and defunct nodes

From: root
Date: Mon Feb 03 1997 - 14:03:02 EST

Hello Subscribers,

People move around frequently, and not everyone unsubscribes
and/or re-subscribes when they change addresses. Sometimes I
remove people when bounced messages come back from their address
or their site over several days.

Temporary network outages (delivery failures) are becoming
VERY COMMON these days. It is common get 5 to 10 bounced
messages for each one sent to this mail list. These usually
come from sites that exist and are usually reachable.

Sometimes, however, sites appear to become permanently unreachable.
In these cases, I remove them from the list.

Rarely, a redistribution point becomes unreachable. This has just
happened with "unicode-redist@niksula.hut.fi" over the last few
days. If you know anyone who was connected to that site who might
wish to continue to receive mail, please let them know that their
redistribution point has been removed from the list.

Thanks for your attention,


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