Re: Simple C++ compiler test. How does yours fare?

From: Mark Leisher (
Date: Mon Feb 03 1997 - 21:26:43 EST

    Doug> 2) wchar_t is 16 (or more) bits, but the compiler is taking the
    Doug> string as an 8 bit string and *then* promoting it to wchar_t. The
    Doug> high byte is lost in this arrangement, and it produces the exact
    Doug> same effect as problem 1.

Turns out wchar_t is now 16-bits in gcc 2.7.2. I donated a bunch of wchar_t
related patches for gcc/g++ a few years ago (version 1.<something> I believe),
but never found out if they were used or not. At least some wchar_t support
has been in gcc/g++ for quite a while but locale support was never stable or
consistent enough to take advantage of it.
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