Re: Unicode Web pages

From: Charles Wicksteed (
Date: Thu Feb 06 1997 - 09:38:44 EST

Joe Ross wrote:

> Misha Wolf wrote:
> > It works with Netscape Communicator 4.0 on Win 95/NT.
> I tried setting the encoding to UTF-8, but only Latin-1 characters
> were visible. I suppose that it is because I don't have the right
> fonts installed on Win 95. Is this true? If so, any idea on where
> I could get some fonts to try? Are there any other Win 95
> localization features I might need?

You can download fonts from Microsoft, in Multilanguage Support packs.
These packs add fonts and NLS (National Language Support) files to
the operating system (Win 95/NT), which any application can then use.
On Microsoft's web site, under "Internet Explorer add-ons", look for
"IE 3.0 Multilanguage Support", or go straight to:


Also check the CD that the operating system came on: there may be
fonts and NLS files that are not installed by default, eg in the
LANGPACK directory for NT 4.0, or via
Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs | Multilanguage Support
for Win 95.


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