Re: NBSP &c.

From: Frank da Cruz (
Date: Sun Feb 09 1997 - 12:34:54 EST

Michael Everson wrote:
> Microsoft is a big, powerful, rich company with a huge market share. I am
> constantly astonished to see such an important company release what looks
> and feels like beta-ware on their captive audience. No, I'm not just trying
> to bash Microsoft -- but even recently on this forum we've seen them
> talking about how one of their products "sort of" supports Unicode. I'm
> impatient for Unicode. ...
Since we're asking questions of vendors... I have a few about the Lucida
Console Unicode font that comes with NT:

 . Are there different national versions of it?

 . How come the USA version does not include Hebrew or Arabic? I can
   understand the omission of CJK (because it is huge, not because it is
   not needed in the USA -- see, for example, any Chase Bank ATM in New
   York City...) but Hebrew and Arabic do not account for a large number
   of code positions, and there is certainly plenty of need for these
   scripts in the USA.

 . Does the version of Lucida Console that accompanies the Hebrew version
   of NT include Hebrew?

 . Does the version of Lucida Console that accompanies the Arabic version
   of NT include Arabic?

And so on... If indeed we have different versions in different countries,
what is the explanation? Is there a size limitation?

And most important:

 . At what point can we expect to find a reasonably well-populated Lucida
   Console font on any 32-bit Windows system?

- Frank

P.S. About NBSP... You can type Alt-0160 on any Windows keyboard. Not
pretty, but there you are.

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