Unicode on Mac (was: Re: NBSP & Mac text editor

From: David Goldsmith (goldsmith@apple.com)
Date: Sun Feb 09 1997 - 19:33:55 EST

>Michael Everson came up with:
> We're all impatient for Unicode. Why don't we have it on the Mac?
> I can only suppose it's because Apple wants to make sure
> that it works before they release it.
>Just wishful thinking? Or is there anyone at Apple to confirm to this!
>And where is the Mac text editor to try my since long unicoded fonts?
>Looks like just another flower in the sky?
>Sorry for this, Herbert.

Unfortunately, our Unicode strategy has got hung up a number of times due
to one thing or another. We are poised to make good progress this year,
however. At Mainz, Merle Tenney will be giving a talk on Apple's Unicode
road map.

I'll leave it to Merle's talk to lay out the whole thing, but we will be
releasing our Text Encoding Converter SDK very soon. This will support
conversion between Unicode, Mac, and industry standard character sets. It
also allows for some display of Unicode by converting it into runs of Mac
character sets which can be displayed using Apple's WorldScript
technology. Quickdraw GX also supports display of Unicode. This is just a
first step.

Our Rhapsody OS, which will have its first developer release this year,
is based on Unicode strings as a fundamental data type, and has excellent
support for display and editing.

So this year, we should start seeing better Unicode support in Mac OS,
and excellent Unicode support in Rhapsody.

David Goldsmith
Text and International Software Architect
Apple Computer, Inc.

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