Re: NBSP &c.

From: Alain LaBont/e'/ (
Date: Mon Feb 10 1997 - 09:50:11 EST

At 09:33 97-02-09 -0800, Frank da Cruz wrote:
>P.S. About NBSP... You can type Alt-0160 on any Windows keyboard. Not
>pretty, but there you are.

Did you try in some of your applications? With a non-American keyboard? With
an American keyboard? Just curious...

I just tried under Eudora and WinWord 6, it gives a totally erratic and
potentially dangerous result (scrapping my newly entered message under
Eudora, as it had never existed, returning to the previous one [that is one
case] and changing the font of what was already entered on the current Word
line after having whistled bells [that is another case]!)... I stopped
trying... (of course my normal Canadian keyboard can enter the character
directly, with another result: nothing happens in those two applications [no
character is entered]!) Nice interface! Easy indeed!

Alain LaBonti

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