Re: NBSP &c.

From: Alain LaBont/e'/ (
Date: Mon Feb 10 1997 - 10:20:15 EST

At 21:41 97-02-09 -0800, Jonathan Rosenne wrote:
>The trouble with NBSP is that it looks like an SP, smells like an SP, but
>is not an SP. It is not reasonable to expect mere mortals to differentiate
>the two.
>It reminds me too much of all the mess we had with the 3270 with the
>difference between NULL and SPACE.
>NBSP is there, and won't go away, but it is not a good solution to the
>problems it solves. I think these are not character set problems and would
>be better addressed by means of "higher level protocols".

I could not agree more (as would say Mr. Hekimi, it is one of his favourite
spectacular expressions!), that's what we say in CAN/CSA Z243.4.1 standard,
we do not recommend its use and we recommend solving the problem by using
different fields, but we give the solution as a quick and dirty trick for
those who really mean it, like some librarians.

Alain LaBonti

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