Undelivered COCOS Message: one or more recipient addresses

From: BNR Postmaster (postmast@nortel.ca)
Date: Sat May 17 1997 - 09:03:00 EDT

*** Explanation of Report

  One or more of your recipients are invalid and did not get delivered.
  This message was delivered to any other recipient(s) that were valid
  if there were any.

*** Action(s) to be taken by user

  Correct the address(s) in the list below and resend your message
  to all or just to the corrected address(es).

*** Details of Report

Generated by: UCMTR4
Submitted at: May 16 04:12:00 1997 EDT
Subject: faq list?

This message was not delivered to any of the following recipients:

        Pie???(P.) Lewis :6V42-I (BNR )

*** End of Report


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