IUC 10 papers on the Web (MATHEMA Software GmbH)

From: Mirko Raner (raner@mathema.de)
Date: Mon May 19 1997 - 20:33:47 EDT

Dear Unicoders!

The 10th International Unicode Conference was a good success for
all who participated. Now we finally managed to put our contribution onto the
Web. The article 'Unicode and Java - Design and Implementation of a Unicode
Word Processing System in Java' is now accessible via the following URL:


Please feel free to comment on this! Any criticism, questions or suggestions are
welcome! (raner@mathema.de)

There were a lot of other very interesting presentations for which the slides
where not included in the conference proceedings. It would be very useful for
all Unicode fans, if these missing documents were published on the Web as well.
(Indeed, a lot of presenters promised to make their slides available on the Web
but so far I could find any of them...)

Best regards,

Mirko Raner
Software Developer
MATHEMA Software GmbH

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