Re: Unicode plain-text file

From: Timothy Partridge (
Date: Thu May 22 1997 - 14:40:53 EDT

In message <> you recently said:

> >> ** FF is higher-level formatting, you'd have to interpret it separately.
> >> @@ In particular, you would definitely interpret it as a block separator.
> No, no, please, no! Whitespace, please, or some new category. FF can come
> in the middle of a paragraph, or a sentence, or even a word.

I'm not sure I understand your reasoning. During rendering a page break can occur
anywhere in the same way that a new line may be started anywhere as a line becomes
too full. (I'm using anywhere rather loosely.) Wasn't the question about *forcing*
a page break - surely this wouldn't normally be done within a paragraph or smaller
part. (Or were you thinking of text streams that have already been formatted by
some other process but are now plain text with line breaks etc. added by where
the formatting process felt they ought to be.)

I feel that adding FF may be part of a slippery slope to pretty text. What about
starting a new column or keeping text together?

Someone else suggested that New Line should just be white space not a block
separator. I don't agree - surely a paragraph is (usully) a new line with
some extra white space added - this implies the semantics should be similar.


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