Re: Unicode plain-text file

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Thu May 22 1997 - 18:59:06 EDT

Tim Partridge wrote:

> Someone else suggested that New Line should just be white space not a block
> separator. I don't agree - surely a paragraph is (usully) a new line with
> some extra white space added - this implies the semantics should be similar.

Please be extra careful here. The suggestion specifically was that
U+2028 LINE SEPARATOR (not NL nor LF functioning as newline) should be
considered WS (a technical category of the bidi algorithm, not white space
as processed, for example in a C preprocessor, or white space meaning
unprinted area on a text page) rather than BS (another technical category
of the bidi algorithm which is used to determine the boundaries of directional

Cf. pages 3-15 and 3-17 of the Unicode Standard.

--Ken Whistler

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