re:Multi-Lingual Project Gutenberg (was: Unicode plain text)

From: Marion Gunn (
Date: Tue May 27 1997 - 14:42:19 EDT

Yes, old, reliable SGML has been around for a long, long time. (I still
have some WATERLOO SCRIPT files!) Question is, how many applications out
there can ingest SGML as is (as normally presented, without further
editing)? Very few, I think, in comparison with html (for which lots of
really good tools are readily available). How many applications accept XML?
Fewer again, I should think.

At 09:16 -0700 97/05/27, Unicode Discussion wrote:
>spend the same energy building a document system on the SGML
>foundation, you can automatically deal with HTML and all its
>variants, XML, or whatever the next fad is. Real SGML tools are

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