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Date: Thu May 29 1997 - 09:35:00 EDT

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> Right. Something like the following (ignoring BIDI for the moment):
> ... (details removed)

BIDI is what I think makes it difficult. Without BIDI, I would be tempted
to stick to local Unix/MAC/DOS conventions for C0 chars, add maybe BOM and
ISS (or whatever).

But BIDI works in blocks. Currently both LS and PS are block separators.
It's been said here that probably LS shouldn't be a BIDI block separator.
That leaves PS. And I have to use it (in partic. if I have both right-
and left-aligned sections). So can I mix PS with LS (or LF) and FF? Looks

Maybe it is an error to have PS function as both a paragraph separator
(whatever that is -- I too feel it probably comes from WP context) *and*
a BIDI block separator.

Maybe it would have been better to have a BIDI block separator as a
separate Unicode control char, independant of any formatting intents.

Just a thought,


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