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Date: Thu May 29 1997 - 10:56:11 EDT

"Unicode Discussion" <> writes:

> I am wondering if anyone wrote an "appropriate" DTD (is this how it's
> called, sorry :() and a set of TeX macros to handle it, so that one can
> still use powerful TeX formating capabilities and do the markup in *the*
> standard notation. (I don't like the LaTeX anyway :)

This does not (mainly) depend on the DTD. It the processing engine.

If you you the DocBook DTD and an DSSSL engine (e.g., Jade) you can
write your own DSSSL description for this DTD which includes something
like this:

          <graphic format="TEX">
            a = \frac{b}{c}
          <graphic format="EQN">
            a = b over c

It depends on the DSSSL backend to pick/emit the right form.

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