Re: Which FTP server?

From: Keld J|rn Simonsen (
Date: Thu May 29 1997 - 15:34:19 EDT

"Unicode Discussion" writes:

> Dear Ken,
> Lot of thank your advice. I have received your e-mail. And in your
> e-mail read following:
> >There is a form used by Unicode and the
> >relevant ISO committees for new proposals for encoding
> >characters. It is called Form N-1116-F, Proposal Summary
> >Form to Accompany Submissions for Additional Repertoire
> >of ISO/IEC 10646. It can be obtained by anonymous ftp
> >from ftp://dkuug/dk/JTC1/SC2/WG2/n1252.doc.
> I want to ask from you which FTP site, I need to download n1252.doc
> file. We are want to fill that form, then submit to Unicode Consortium.

you should use the new forms, available on the internals page.

keld Simonsen

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