Which FTP server?

From: Balgansuren.B (mis-mtc@magicnet.mn)
Date: Thu May 29 1997 - 00:36:00 EDT

Dear Ken,

Lot of thank your advice. I have received your e-mail. And in your
e-mail read following:

>There is a form used by Unicode and the
>relevant ISO committees for new proposals for encoding
>characters. It is called Form N-1116-F, Proposal Summary
>Form to Accompany Submissions for Additional Repertoire
>of ISO/IEC 10646. It can be obtained by anonymous ftp
>from ftp://dkuug/dk/JTC1/SC2/WG2/n1252.doc.

I want to ask from you which FTP site, I need to download n1252.doc
file. We are want to fill that form, then submit to Unicode Consortium.
Because our National Centre for Standardization and Metrology in this
field not good, also slow decide any new idea etc., But we are will be
try to talk with responsible person in the MNCSM. Also I have contacted
with Microsoft Corp. Program Manager responsible for language and script
support in the Windows NT OS products. His request from us some
important things to add Mongolian locales, language, keyboard layout and
fonts, etc., We lot of thanks people who help us for encode Mongolian
characters, locale, fonts, keyboard layout etc.,

Thanks & Kindly Regards,
Expert Engineer of MTC

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