Re: MIME Charsets for Unicode

From: Jurgen Bettels (
Date: Wed Jun 04 1997 - 12:09:42 EDT

A very loose use of the word "Unicode" which I was guilty of myself
while still at Digital. The reason is that most Unix vendors have
a 32-bit widechar, or process, code. When the file, or multibyte code,
is UTF-8 it is mapped by mbtowc() into 32-bit "Unicode". This is
usually called a Unicode locale.


Unicode Discussion wrote:
> JUne 4, 1997
> "Many Unix vendors are using UCS-4 as a synonym to Unicode .." Could
> somebody clarify this for me? In UCS-4 isn't every character code
> 32 bits long while in Unicode all BMP codes are 16 bits long and only
> characters from plane 1 have 32 bits--those using what I regard as the
> "inner tube bulge" technique?
> Regards,
> Jim Agenbroad ( jage@LOC>gov )
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