Sorting and Filing in bib. records in UNICODE

From: Chris White (
Date: Wed Jun 04 1997 - 12:35:55 EDT

     I am learning about UNICODE so as to provide some UNICODE knowledge at
     the British Library's Yorkshire site to complement Anthony Brickell's
     knowledge in London.
     So far, I have studied the UNICODE home page and many links therefrom,
     and have read, marked, learned and inwardly digested what I could
     One issue concerning us in the British Library as we move towards our
     new Corporate Bibliographic System is the SORTING or FILING RULES
     we might need when UNICODE is used in our bibliographic records --
     which might contain different scripts, or different languages using
     the same scripts.
     May I ask if anyone out there has got all this "sorted" -- no pun
     intended, or can even assist me in such an early stage as identifying
     and articulating what issues need to be addressed here?
     Chris White

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