Re: RFC 1766 language tags

From: Siobhan Harper-Jones (
Date: Mon Jun 16 1997 - 15:02:53 EDT

     Michael Everson <> wrote:
>At 23:53 +0200 1997-06-14, wrote:
>>Imaginary or nonsense languages should be identified (IMHO) using
>>an "x-" prefix - you may care about identifying which one of five
>>imaginary languages you are using at any given moment (I'm VERY sure
>>Tolkien would!), but nobody outside your book should have to worry.
>There are several books published in Klingon.
     That's interesting. Do the books use a romanized transcription, or do
     they use the pseudo-Tibetan letters I've seen in the movies to
     indicate the Klingon alphabet? I've always wondered if the movies just
     used random letters to set a "Klingon" tone, or went to the trouble of
     creating an alphabet.
     --Siobhan Harper-Jones

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