Re: Extension of the Han Character Encoding, ...

From: Werner Lemberg (
Date: Mon Jun 16 1997 - 15:48:11 EDT

On Mon, 16 Jun 1997, R. Cook wrote:

> I am interested in learning more about the current state of componential
> character schemes for Chinese. By "componential" I mean a logical system
> to cope with the problem of an adequate (for linguists and historians)
> Chinese character set being infinitely large:

Take a look at the IRG results at . This Hong
Kong research group has made a proposal on adding a `combining' character
to Unicode for such a use (and it has been delayed AFAIK).

A paper on this topic will also appear in the proceedings of the 2nd
conference on multilingual information processing, held in Tsukuba, Japan
in the end of April.


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