Re[2]: unavailable

From: Chris White (
Date: Thu Jun 19 1997 - 10:38:48 EDT

     This week attempts to access have been giving
     400 Bad Syntax
     The request appears to be improperly formatted.
     User agent header is too long: Mozilla/3.0C-BRITLIB (Win16; I) via
     proxy gateway CERN-HTTPD/3.0 libwww/2.17
     Our network people have not been able to resolve /offer explanation as
     Any offers?
     Chris White

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Subject: Re: unavailable
Author: "Unicode Discussion" <> at Internet
Date: 18/06/97 12:08

On 6/18/97 9:34 AM Unicode Discussion ( wrote:
>Anonymous ftp connections are not being allowed at the moment. Any estimated
>time when the site will be back in business?
It went down for about five minutes or so this morning ca. 9:30 a.m.
Mountain Daylight Time. It looks like you tried to get to it during that
five-minute window. It's up now.
John H. Jenkins

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