Last Resort and CJK Compatibility glyph

From: Adrian Havill (
Date: Fri Jun 20 1997 - 03:49:51 EDT

Just downloaded and had a look at the LastResort (the Unrenderable
Unicode) font. Excellent work... thank you for doing what would have
taken me much longer to do (and produced an inferior product).

One small criticism... for CJK compatibility, you used the symbol
corresponding to the Japanese word katakana word "apaato" (from
Apartment, meaning a 2 story wooden rented flat)," which while is part
of the CJK compatibility group, was definitely not intuitive to me (at
first), or to the other Japanese or Chinese speakers here (who have no
detailed knowledge of Unicode)-- the glyph chosen was exclusively a
Japanese word, which doesn't reflect the "CK" or "compatibility" part.

I hate to look a gift horse in the mouth, but is there a better symbol
that could be used that doesn't actually have a specific meaning in one
of the languages?

Is is possible to translate CJK Compatibility into Han characters that
would make sense in all three languages (if not gramatically correct?).
This is possible with simple examples, but I'm wondering if it could be
stretched. While I know nothing about Chinese or Korean, the sequence
for "CJK Compatibility Character" could be:


or the Unicode sequence:

U+65E5 U+4E2D U+97D3
U+4E92 U+63DB U+5B57

Or perhaps an abstract glyph indicating the concept of "Han" and


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