Re: Last Resort and CJK Compatibility glyph

From: Kaihsu Tai (
Date: Fri Jun 20 1997 - 05:50:07 EDT

> Is [it] possible to translate CJK Compatibility into Han characters that
> would make sense in all three languages (if not gramatically correct?).
> This is possible with simple examples, but I'm wondering if it could be
> stretched. While I know nothing about Chinese or Korean, the sequence
> for "CJK Compatibility Character" could be:
> U+65E5 U+4E2D U+97D3
> U+4E92 U+63DB U+5B57
> Or perhaps an abstract glyph indicating the concept of "Han" and
> "Conversion"?

Well, it makes sense marginally in Mandarin . . . I don't know about
Putonghua Mandarin, but for Taiwanese Mandarin, the word "compatibility"
is translated differently as in Japanese (shown above). However, these
six somewhat complicated characters would probably create more confusion
than serve their expected purpose for teenage/20-something Korean minds
unpolluted by Han characters, who might occasionally run into this
LastResort. [:)]

My suggestion: a "recycle" symbol (three bent arrows chasing each other,
as seen in NEXTSTEP [:)] ) with the character for "character" (U+5B57) in
the middle, and the usual rounded square around it.

Khaisu Te (Kaihsu Tai)

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