Re: MES as an ISO standard?

From: Rick McGowan (
Date: Tue Jul 01 1997 - 13:48:08 EDT

If I might put in my two cents:

!! "Just say NO to more character code standards" !!

Please, oh please, don't propose yet *another* character code standard!
What's wrong with all the hundreds we already have?

I don't see sense in any of the arguments for this MES. What's
wrong with just using Unicode, or 10646, even if you don't implement
all the bells and whistles? Marketing? Oh, please... You can have a
conforming implementation that does nothing but the ASCII subset, or
the European Subset, or whatever you want to interpret, as long as
you don't unwittingly trash any other data that might be mixed in.
Why get all huffy and upset just because a "full" implementation is a
little tough?

With Unicode, or 10646, no matter what subset you pick, at least you
don't have to go through another 10 years of getting enough
international cooperation and industry momentum to actually *produce*
another standard.


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