Re: MES as an ISO standard?

From: Mark Davis (
Date: Wed Jul 02 1997 - 12:33:07 EDT

On using UTF-8 with Java: I just had a paper published on doing
localization with Java 1.1 which talks a bit about that. The first part
is in Java Developer's Journal, Vol 2, Issue 5.

There is an online version that you can get by going to, then clicking on "Creating Global Applications
with JDK 1.1"


BTW, I welcome any feedback!

Unicode Discussion wrote:
> In message "Re: MES as an ISO standard?",
> '' writes:
> Java Widgets
> > good typography (proportional fonts, kerning, ligatures, etc.) and
> > therefore will also not care about combining characters, bidi,
> > and representation forms.
> I think BIDI is a bit more fundamental than "good typography" :-)!
> > Yes, leaving lots of confusion. Am I allowed to use combing characters
> > in conforming Java variable names? Will they link to precomposed
> > characters? The specification says "Don't know".
> That's one issue that always surprises me a bit. Java is a programming
> language and, as such, I don't care if I can only write variable names
> in 7-bit ASCII. After all, all the keywords are English. The only place
> in the source where one really needs Unicode support is in strings and
> chars (hard-coded). The language in which I write my program is one
> thing, the languages/scripts it can deal with is what I worry about.
> > VERY lonely and really miss the company of others offering software with
> > UTF-8 support.
> Speaking of which, I just went thru a book on JDK 1.1. How does one
> write UTF-8 in Java? All I can see are the DataInput- and OutputStreams.
> If I understand right, they can read/write strings in UTF-8, but assume
> a two-byte length before each. Not quite plain-text files.
> Did I miss something? In my original hacking under JDK 1.0.2, I wrote
> my own UTF-8 input and output streams because I couldn't find anything.
> I was expecting the situation to improve somewhat with JDK 1.1.
> Pierre
> P.S. Markus, send me a sample of one of your UTF-8 files (in German?).
> We'll see if I can read it...

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