Re: MES instead of ISO 8859-nn

From: Chris Lilley (
Date: Fri Jul 04 1997 - 17:05:48 EDT

On Jul 4, 4:14pm, Markus G. Kuhn wrote:

> Jonathan Rosenne wrote on 1997-07-04 19:08 UTC:

> > This would be allowed if the HTML charset will be coded correctly as
> > CP1250.

> Please don't spread such wrong advice!!!
> CP1252 is not an IANA registered MIME charset (and I hope it never will be).

Why not? Actually yes I notice that a number of 125x charsets are
registered but not 1252. However, it is better to label as 1252

Content-type: text/html; charset=windows-1252

If that is what the document is actually encoded in.

> If you do not announce anything in HTTP, the default is ISO 8859-1.


> Numeric Character References

That is a separate issue. What you say about the Document Character Set
is true, but applies regardless of which charset which is used to
transmit the document and is orthogonal to how the document should
be labelled.

> If you see like on <>:
> &#0147;Robotic exploration,&#0148; he says, &#0147;is just the first step.
> numeric character references in the range 128-159, then this is
> simply wrong illegal HTML.


> The only way to handle this correctly is to use the appropriate
> ISO 10646 numeric character references here (or to map the quotes to the
> normal ASCII quotes).

Or to use the named entity references. But this applies to any document
in any charset.

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