Re: MES instead of ISO 8859-nn

From: Chris Lilley (
Date: Fri Jul 04 1997 - 21:49:47 EDT

On Jul 3, 11:02pm, Markus Kuhn wrote:

Antoine Leca wrote:
> > Unicode is a set of characters, not glyphs, isn't it?
> > So the lack of glyphs can't be used to say that NT isn't
> > full-Unicode.
> A full Unicode implementation must be able to adequately visually
> represent

Glyphs are visual representations. Antoine is correct.

A Unicode implementation musytt be able to handle the characters -
manipulate them. Visual representation is outside the scope of a
character set standard.

As an example, I have a student writing an application that will be somewhat
Unicode compatible but will not be able to visually represent any of the
~40000 Unicode characters.

It will be able to speak some of them, however.

> I do not see any implementation that comes even close to fully
> implement Unicode.

I suggest you take a look at the Tango browser form Alis.

> My e-mail MIME header will announce that this posting is in the
> ISO 15646-1 character set, and we do not have to talk any more
> about "the Unicode subset that Windows-NT 4.0 currently supports in
> more than a third of its fonts".

;-) a bold vision, and certainly possible

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