Re: Latin00

From: Otto Stolz (
Date: Mon Jul 07 1997 - 06:18:18 EDT

On Jul 6, 22:43, SCT wrote:
> [The initial France-Canada proposal] will likely be revised to change
> the EURO symbol position to replace the PLUS OR MINUS sign

This would be utmost unfortunate, as the PLUS-MINUS SIGN is widely
used in scientific, and technical, applications to denote tolerances
in specifiacations, or the accurracy of results. I canot imagine a
technical, or physical, publication that would manage without this
very symbol.

If indeed the sputnik-like CURRENCY SIGN (aka Ricardi-Sun) will be
needed, then I'd rather throw out the CENT SIGN - after all, this
is meant to be a European character set.

Best wishes,
   Otto Stolz

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