Re: Usage of CP1252 characters on

From: Vincent DelGobbo (
Date: Mon Jul 07 1997 - 09:14:08 EDT

> >It would be nice if you could fix this quickly.
> Good luck. It's a noble effort, but what incentive does Microsoft have
> to support Unicode today? This isn't just idle Microsoft bashing - I'm
> curious if people in the Unicode consortium have thought about the
> political issue of actually getting people to adopt Unicode. MSNBC's
> web pages look fine on 80% of the web browsers - what percentage would
> the Unicode pages look right on?

For what it is worth, it looks like Netscape 4.01 is attempting to
support Unicode.


    NCR (Numeric Character References) and NE (Named Entities) display properly if the character
    in question is available in the chosen encoding. NCR's are interpreted as Unicode code points
    in the decimal format following the standards in RFC 2070. If the corresponding character does
    not exist in the chosen encoding, then "?" will be displayed.


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