Sensible standards (was Re: Usage of CP1252 characters)

From: Mark Leisher (
Date: Tue Jul 08 1997 - 13:05:46 EDT

    Frank> ISO 2022, 4873, and the Registry are incredibly well thought out,
    Frank> time tested, proven, stable, and sensible. Unicoders like to
    Frank> disparage them, but these standards and mechanisms have served us
    Frank> well for decades; their only shortcoming is the limited size of
    Frank> their repertoire and to some extent the complications of switching
    Frank> among different sets -- complications which are by no means
    Frank> insurmountable.

Amen! I am here to tell everyone that the complications are definitely not
insurmountable. I am still fixing ISO 2022 related bugs in a number of large
programs I wrote 7 years ago, and I expect the last of these bugs will be
found sometime in the next few months or so (which I have been claiming since
the first year after the software release). But, I will surmount the problems!

More seriously, am I alone in this situation? I don't think so.
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