Re: Usage of CP1252 characters

From: Pete Resnick (
Date: Tue Jul 08 1997 - 12:24:01 EDT

On 7/8/97 at 8:56 AM -0700, Frank da Cruz wrote:

>> The IANA registry seems to be pretty sloppy with regard to some of these
>> requirements, I guess. The name space is highly inconsistent, there
>> is debate about what is a new character set and what not, and the
>> source of Microsoft character sets are Hewlett Packard laser printer
>> manuals. I am not exactly impressed.
>I'm not either. The IETF / IANA pretty much registers anything anybody
>can dream up, which is not a great idea in general, and especially not
>when dealing with character sets.

This has actually changed somewhat. Check out RFC 2048.


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